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🔥🤖 Subscribe to Apple; Automation nation; U.S. CAI Officer? Amazon first search; Amy Webb’s tech titans of China

[👀 The Week’s Insights]

>Hello automated marketer. In the AI race between the U.S. & China for talent, America needs a leader who can capture the high ground of technology and keep liberal democracy relevant as the 4th Industrial Revolution begins to flourish. “There is no quarterback” for AI [in the US], says Amy Webb, author of the new book called “The Big Nine,” about the top U.S. and Chinese AI companies. America started with a technology lead, but with U.S. efforts in comparison being dispersed and decentralized - the US is falling behind China. US companies have trouble sharing the structured data that machines can learn on, she notes.

While some are saying the rise of Trump is due to automation, certainly China is vastly automating before us. We see democracy on trial with Brexit. We see millennials increasingly ‘appreciating’ social democracy because via AOC there is a sense of capitalism failing them. She called capitalism ‘irredeemable” in front of a packed SXSW Austin audience last month. Perhaps Millennials see something the rest of us don’t? A vast state capitalism China economy driving world productivity? Fact is, as China becomes the world’s largest economy in 2020; and, Asia holds 50% of world GDP in 2020 - the U.S. faces a choice: remain unorganized and disparate - or realize that to remain relevant, a US technology industrial policy is in order.

Steve Bannon, Marco Rubio - we hear you on the government side, will you not only inform of us our tech dominated future, but help us find a Chief AI Officer who can inspire us for the challenge? We need a leader who can get America productive with technology & AI. This means US government working hand in hand with private sector companies to help lead our nation’s digital & D2C transformation strategically to secure Western liberal democracy’s future. #Getbrandproductive

👨I’m Robb Hecht - your host and #GetBrandProductive™ coach ….let’s explore this new technology driven marketing 4th Industrial Revolution we’re experiencing both on consumer and government policy levels...let’s take the journey together, navigating the future and seeing how we can be successfully productive and ethically D2C at the same time - for our brands, for our customers, for our careers, for our society. Hey gang - we can keep it whimsical - but our challenge is that it’s time we #GetBrandProductive™.

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[How To Be D2C / Subscription]

“The brands that are winning,” says Fab Dolan, Head of Marketing at Google Canada, “are the ones that understand and own the fundamental interplay between experiential and transactional. - ShopifyPlus

>Apple officially takes us into the Subscription-First era. Link

>DTC brands - no longer just a cool story and purpose. Link //via @PublicisMedia

>Challenger brands are winning at loyalty. Link //via: @sml360

>The key to DTC? Offer something valuable in your physical store you don’t online. Link // via: @justinemoore_85088

[🧬 The Engineered Algorithms Incentivizing Us]

AI-powered decision engines can solve the increasingly complex customer journey by optimizing, personalizing, and guiding every aspect of customers’ self-guided journeys with your brand. - Forbes/@vijaycs42

>Why is Pinterest the future of Advertising? Link // via: @MagnifyMedia + Digiday also covers their path to eCommerce here. //via: @ahhensel 

>Snap is courting Pharma. Snap is trying to get pharmaceutical companies to place ad campaigns for products that are relevant to younger audiences, ranging from birth control to vaccinations Link // via: @chrissyfarr

[🛍️ Amazon Prime, Alexa & Social eCommerce Everywhere]

Of the U.S. Consumers who make $150K or more, 70% are Amazon Prime members. When looking for a product online, more than half of consumers (54%) start with Amazon - Harvard Business Review

>Amazon will make you go on a diet in the future? Link. //via: @AmyWebb

>Amazon Live is a copy of Alibaba Live? “Amazon launching live streaming and brand stores ... looking more and more like T-mall every day. China used to be thought of as the copy cats ... expect more western tech and retail leaders to be inspired by the omni-channel retail, social commerce, and mobile commerce innovations in China. Facebook has already been using WeChat as What's App's road map.Link // via @LaurenLeren

>Amazon’s merciless assault on brands. A little product called Alexa and the rise of voice-driven e-commerce [is] perhaps the most significant change in shopping behavior since the 24-hour supermarket….Alexa is a Trojan horse of sorts for Amazon’s own version of the DTC phenomena. Link //via @AndrewEssex

>Walmart builds secret weapon against Amazon for the future of retail. Link //via: @sarahnassauer

[Marketing Strategy in the 4th Industrial Revolution]

“Where we have more of a challenge is on the content and production side, where it’s changing from, ‘I produce this for these people,’ to ‘I’m going to be modular and let the technology actually determine who gets what message,’ and that’s where it’s a little scarier because it takes some of the control away,” - Marci Raible, vice president of global media and marketing services, @CampbellSoupCo @patrickkulp

>⚙️How CMOs are adapting to the machine learning age. Link //via: AdWeek’s @patrickkulp
>AI is now the ultimate marketing guru. (Think lead nurturing) Link. //via: Snatchbot

>Automation (via the 4th Industrial Revolution) could be the core reason that Trump was elected? Link

>Rethinking the marketing role amidst the 4th industrial revolution Link. //via: Andrew Stevens

[🧬 Data & the Intelligence of Everything]

The US economy could be short as many as 250k data scientists by 2024 -AdWeek

>👨‍💻Amy Webb’s 2019 SXSW Emerging Tech Trends Report Lecture. Link //via @AmyWebb

>5 positive outcomes of AI we can hope for over the next 5 years. Link //via: PamelaMaynard @Forbes

>How AI will go out of control - via 52 experts. Link //via: CBInsights

>🌊How to prepare for the upcoming AI tsunami. Link //via @JimSinur 

>If you’re thinking of getting in to AI, just jump in. Link //via @_KarenHao

[🇨🇳 Watching China: Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent]

Amazon’s market cap is about 70% larger than Alibaba’s, yet China’s e-commerce market alone is going to be larger than the rest of the world… by 2020, Asia is projected to account for 66% of global e-commerce sales - with China accounting for 58%. -Forbes

China is the OPEC of data - @AmyWebb

>🔥U.S. tells China it must sell Grindr App. (If China’s Internet is ‘closed’ to American tech companies like Facebook and Google, maybe it’s time the U.S. doesn’t allow China access to Americas). Link //via: @realkrauswife 

>China’s Silicon Valley - is working harder than America’s Silicon Valley? Link //via: @pingroma

>Alibaba’s ‘new retail’ explained. Link

>Via Alibaba and Tencent, China is now outpacing America in R&D spending. Link

>How cheap labor drives China’s AI ambitions. Link

>😛China’s latest social media craze: paying random people to shower you with over the top comments. Link

>With China’s state capitalist government working with its homegrown Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba on government AI projects, is it concerning that Microsoft will ‘work’ with the US government, but Google will not? This article lays out the Pentagon’s invite to Google’s CEO to ‘discuss’. Link. //via: @mhbergen

>💇 Beauty is the new buzzword in China Tech. From virtual makeovers to 3D nail polish printers, companies take makeup to the future. A new gadget, introduced by the sprawling Alibaba e-commerce and tech conglomerate earlier this month, consists of an eight-inch mirror equipped with an artificial intelligence-powered smart speaker. On voice command, it adjusts light settings to let users see their face perfectly, whether they are sitting in a dark coffee shop or lounging on a sunny beach. The mirror also offers beauty tips, monitors UV levels and can even help order cosmetic products on Alibaba's T-mall platform, if the user asks it to. Link

>From Alibaba to Gucci, how Jack Ma’s ‘new retail’ model puts China ahead of the game. “China provides the ideal soil for experimenting with these new behaviour models, especially with the support of the burgeoning new retail technologies out there, such as VR/AR, AI, Blockchain, IOT.” Link

>China outpacing U.S. & EU in AI and data privacy. Link //via @kaifulee

[🔮 Our Automation Nation & Your Job]

>Top AI jobs for 2019. Link //via: @TechRepublic

[🌱Startups & Innovations]

>Meet Bookbot - MoutainView’s newest library helper. Link //via: Mercury News

>Meet Peeqo - a robot that responds only through videos & GIFS. Link

[📚 FOMO: Videos, Books & Movies]

>📗Tech Titans of China: How China's Tech Sector is challenging the world by innovating faster, working harder, and going global. Link

>🎦People’s Republic of Desire. From SXSW. (When the real world offers no hope, what can you find online?) Link

[🔚 What Are You Up To?]

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