Episode 8: ⏰ TikTok'ed?

Listen now (3 min) | 🔥 mary meeker for 🖼️ visual marketers, addictive candy = TikTok, the disruptor CMO 🤽‍♂️playbook; marketing 💸 1/2 budgets = content; D2C 🔑 key = retention. Will your brand be filtered 🚬 ‘in’ or filtered ‘out’? Helping marketers translate trends into actions, Get Customer Productive is a Robb Hecht curated newsletter that marketing execs read to empower their customers, their careers and to keep their brands ahead of societal automation, social commerce & algorithmic CX trends coming out of Amazon, Facebook, Apple & Google + China’s BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent). Let me know how you think it can be improved, simply hit reply or

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