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AI+5G+AR+IOT= the Get Brand Productive Formula

🔥🤖 McDonalds goes AI, 🇨🇳 influencer costs, Adobe’s ‘discover, try, buy, use and renew’; the 📊 data/creative brief 🙌 stay human

[👀 The Week’s Insights]

👉Hello automated marketer. While we saw Accenture acquire Droga5 last week fusing strategy & creative, with Publicis’ acquisition of Epsilon this week, another major ad network buys into staying relevant, via data. It’s now very clear all the pieces are coming together for true User Journey Marketing - that mobile phone in your customers hand = a data treasure. Your customers usage of your Facebook ads = a data treasure. Current privacy issues aside, as the digital transformation of our economy comes to full fruition, there’s no doubt digital is happening, with data at the center of ‘the digital’ - as Shoshanna Zuboff in Surveillance Capitalism puts it. Now we add the layer of AI energizing that data and making our customer insights, our targeting, our programmatic serving of impressions, our retargeting - all more precise and personalized, and relevant. This AI impact will apparently increase the productivity of us marketers + of ‘the digital’, the data, eCommerce - and of the AI itself. We fear that AI a little bit, fearing job replacement. And know it’s important because we see how Beijing is centering everything around it. And we automated marketers - we realize we are marketers amongst the machines, seeing Martech machines replacing media vocations, with every powerful marketing decision mapping back to our DMP/CMP/Salesforce/Amazon dashboards. But it isn’t like we never based our decisions on data, right? All that ‘digital’ and brand qual/quant. But now the data is coming alive, it’s active. Our customers are moving and our marketing campaigns are moving with them, our behavioral observations producing personalized customer outcomes-focused marketing campaigns.  Welcome to Brand Productivity. But remember - Stay human 🙌

[👯 This Week’s Celebrity Appearances]

@NeilCHughes, @adexchanger@SarahSluis, @Jerry_Kaplan, @sbanjo, @sohaibology, @genemarks, @diamandakis, @tdav, @AlisonWeissbrot, @CMBethNegus, @adamsona, @ttaulli, @LaurenLeren, @ShivSingh, @DavidGoldmanCNN

[🤙🏻 Who Me?]

👨I’m @robbhecht - your host and #GetBrandProductive modern marketing coach ….I’ll explore this new technology driven marketing 4th Industrial Revolution we’re experiencing both on consumer and government policy levels... and help you navigate the future providing insights on how you can be successfully productive and “ethically D2C” at the same time - for your brands, for your customers, for your career - for our society. Hey gang - we can keep it whimsical - but our challenge is: it’s time we #GetBrandProductive

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[🛍️ How To Be D2C / Subscription Economy]

A recent Gartner survey suggests that in only two years, 81 percent [of business leaders] believe that they will be competing on the basis of customer experience (CX).

👉Adobe’s AI-powered features in its experience platform promise to make every moment personal and every experience shoppable - believing that the entire customer experience lifecycle can be managed across four simple steps: ‘Discover, try, buy, use and renew’. Link @NeilCHughes

👉D2C to TV? The Instagram-and-influencer marketing used by DTC brands only works to a point. Once they grow enough to start advertising on TV, they pay much more for media than a massive buyer like P&G would. In-house DTCs will get through this stage with fewer growing pains that a startup figuring out mass marketing for the first time. Link @adexchanger @SarahSluis

👉Data lessons from Walmart. Link @adexchanger

[🧬 The Engineered Algorithms Incentivizing Us]

👉The machines that will read your mind. (Yes, really.) Tracking thoughts; testing truthfulness, backing up our minds into the cloud. Link via WSJ @Jerry_Kaplan

👉How AI is affecting Unilever’s marketing. Link @seb_joseph

👉Have you read the Algorithm Accountability Act yet? Link via U.S. Congress

👉Google still collaborates with Huawei in spite of Trump’s trade war? Link @sbanjo

👉The 11 AI trends every business in 2019 must know. Link @sohaibology

👉Forty-two percent of marketers said they've shifted to an "always on" influencer marketing strategy from single tactical campaigns. Link (Robert Williams)

[ 🦁 Amazon Prime, Alexa & Social eCommerce Everywhere]

👉Merkle launches Amazon Advertising Strategy Guide. Link

👉McDonald's To Use AI For Your Next Drive-Thru Purchase. Link @genemarks

[Marketing Strategy in our 4th Industrial Revolution]

👉CMOs Should Help Creatives Get Comfortable With Data. Link via @diamandakis

👉AI is destroying traditional business thinking. The sheer market dominance of platform and AI powered organizations are fast becoming a threat to competitive capitalism, so much so that President Donald Trump—long known for advocating for more coal mining--finally agreed that AI needs to be a pillar of his economic policy to keep pace with China’s commitment to this reality. Link //via @Forbes Tom Davenport @tdav

👉Programmatic moves into the upfront of planning. If there’s anything the digital world has taught us over the last two years, it’s that context matters…..Can empathy give us a lens to evaluate the difference between a Facebook news feed ad and a streaming video ad? Context and content matter a hell of a lot more than we’ve given due. Link @AlisonWeissbrot

👉AI could drive double digit marketing growth. Link via Beth Negus Viveiros @CMBethNegus

👉Accenture & Droga 5: As the marketplace has become increasingly complex and competitive, marketing firms have increasingly had to take their marching orders from business strategy firms. [Agencies] are not as involved in setting a client’s strategic direction as they are in implementing it. More than this, while agencies may be able to win over potential client CMOs, they may not be in the best position to win over the CIOs and CTOs - who increasingly oversee customer experience initiatives. Accenture’s Droga5 acquisition meets this challenge. Link @adamsona (The Allen Adamson)

[🧬 Data, Media & Hyper Personalization]

👉AI will change B2B marketing forever. Rather than trying to understand the technology behind AI solutions, savvy marketers should focus instead on finding opportunities to use them. Link via @Forbes @ttaulli

[🇨🇳 Watching China: Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent]

👉The world is coming after Silicon Valley. Tech companies aren't evolving fast enough. Link via @DavidGoldmanCNN

👉How Chinese influencers calculate their fees. Link via @LaurenLeren

👉Chinese colleges include AI major to boost research. Link via Liu Caiyu

👉What marketers need to know about TikTok. Link via Mikey Dunn

[🤖 Automation Nation & Your Job]

The impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40%” and “59% of hiring managers say the rise of AI will have a substantial or transformational impact on the types of skills their companies need. - Accenture/Salesforce.com

👉The future of work in the age of A.I. Link

[🦄 . Startups & Productivity]

👉Copper - a new CRM company which integrates with your gmail. Link

[🤡 FOMO: Videos, Books & Movies]

👉The Customer of the Future, by Blake Morgan. Link via Salesforce.com

👉Savvy: Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era, by @ShivSingh: Link / via Amazon

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