GBP-Episode 2:🔮 🇨🇳 Totalitarian SocialTech?

Social privacy shift; AI & customer productivity; the big nine; eCommerce Everywhere; china-tik tok, post digital transformation

[The Week’s Insights]

Accenture has estimated a minimum of 40% increase in realizable productivity for companies that would be adopting AI by the year 2023. -Forbes

>>With Facebook moving to a more privacy-driven WeChat operating system model and with new startups arising like Credo, is FitBit’s new incentive model really that different from China’s new social credit system? Both seem pretty brand productive - that is - providing user experiences which drive and reward behavior a society or a company prioritizes for rewarding. Nir Eyal is the yet unrecognized founding father of this movement, wait and see.

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Get Brand Productive will help you achieve stronger customer connections within our experiential 5G+AI+IOT+AR-driven contextual eCommerce is everywhere economy driven by Amazon, D2C subscription-first models, AI transformation and China trends.

👨Hi I’m Robb Hecht , your host and Get Brand Productive coach….let’s explore this new technology driven marketing universe we’re entering into...let’s take the journey together, navigating the future of marketing and see how we can be successfully productive and ethical within it - for our brands, for our customers, for our careers, for our society. Hey gang - it’s time we Get Brand Productive.

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[How To Be D2C & Subscription]
>How D2C brands are truly different from legacy brands (psst: consumer before channel, digital first, product design, customer service). Link

>Pivot to growth with DTC. Link

6️⃣> Six lessons startups must learn to succeed in the DTC space. Link

[Algorithms Around Us]

🐖>How Instagram marketing will change in 2019. Link

>Facebook’s shift is a nod to China’s WeChat? Link + Link

⌚>Fitbit launches a rewards program to motivate people to reach health and fitness goals allowing owners to earn points for activities, such as steps taken and active minutes.

[ 🛍️eCommerce Everywhere & Amazon]
>How Amazon took 50% of the e-commerce market and what it means for the rest of us. Link

😤>Target+ is increasingly looking like Amazon? Link

🔖>Your favorite magazine could soon be moving to ‘owned commerce’. Link

>It’s time to reward branded actions. Are you using Amazon’s new loyalty program Moments yet? Link + Link

[Marketing Strategy]

>Why AI spells the end of behavioral targeting. Link

>What the AI delivered buyer’s journey will look like in 2030. Link

>Accenture predicts trust is the future brand differentiator. Link

[Actionable AI & Data Strategy]

>The data broker companies that buy and sell your personal information. Link

🚊>If your strategy isn’t about data , you’re already left behind. Link

🎰>Accenture places its bets on ‘personalized realities’. Link

>Amy Webb’s new book “The Big Nine” outlines how we should design AI for the best long-term interests of humanity. The future of AI — and by extension, the future of humanity— is already controlled by just nine big tech titans, who are developing the frameworks, chipsets, and networks, funding the majority of research, earning the lion’s share of patents, and in the process mining our data in ways that aren’t transparent or observable to us. Six are in the US, and she calls them the G-MAFIA: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Apple. Three are in China, and they are the BAT: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. Link

[🇨🇳 China 2025]

📸 About 176 million video surveillance cameras monitored China’s streets, buildings and public spaces in 2016, versus 50 million in America - according to IHS Markit

>China’s A.I. is flourishing. Link

>Chinese consumers will be the most significant economic force. Link

>Totalitarian Technology: the future of total tech in America and elsewhere in the west will be a battle between the drive for efficiency and the preservation of privacy and autonomy. How will this battle shake out? Link

>The complex reality of China’s social credit system. Link

>Huawei has big plans to end U.S. A.I. Leadership. Huawei’s technology road map, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, points to a company that is progressing more rapidly—and on more technology fronts—than any other business in the world. Link

>Uber was once poised to popularize the transactional super app. Instead, Meituan and Grab—and the companies emulating them globally, from Swiggy in India to Rappi, in Latin America—are leapfrogging ahead to build a new model for the service economy for billions of people. Link

🐕‍>The TikTok playbook. Link

🏦>What China can teach the world about retail. Link

>Understanding China’s AI strategy. Link

>Beijing wants AI to be Made in China 2025. Link

>Rubio outlines China’s plan for world dominance and why the U.S. must respond. Link

🇺🇸>The Pentagon doubles down on AI and wants help from big tech (Will Google still resist, while Microsoft cooperates?). Link

[The Future of Your Work]

The introduction of artificial intelligence to digital transformation initiatives will result in a dynamic where employees no longer “use” technology, but collaborate with it. - Forbes

>Skills employers will need as AI flourishes. Link

🔬>Data science & conversion rate optimization are in high demand at ad agencies. Link

📈>The digital transformation of your marketing department. (Hello corner office? Who has offices anymore?). Link

🐛>Accenture: What happens after digital transformation? Link

[Startups to Watch]

⚖️ >How to scale an AI startup. Link

[Must Read New Books]
9️⃣>Amy Webb’s new book “The Big Nine”: Link.

>”Engage To Win” by Steve Lucas. Link

[End Note]
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[What is Get Brand Productive?]

Get Brand Productive will help you achieve stronger customer connections within our experiential 5G+AI+IOT+AR-driven contextual eCommerce is everywhere economy driven by Amazon, D2C subscription-first models, AI transformation and China trends.

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