GBP-Episode 1: 🤹 Brand Productivity Is Here

Welcoming ourselves to the future

🔮Is this your future customer on the left (sitting back on an exercise bike while playing a video game and drinking soda)? Have you made his or her’s life too convenient? I hope not. The fact is, Modern Marketer- you have a plethora of 4th Industrial Revolution technology tools which are just about to give you the most powerful means ever in transforming your customers’ lives. This potential dystopian scene of your future customer below is in 2025, but for now let’s focus in on the here and now of 2019 where we’re seeing a flash point between tech and humans leading our marketing plans. With AI marketing transformation & 5G just around the corner, the biggest leap in marketing strategy, customer touch-points and user engagement is about to take hold.

🧰 The question is: will those tools be built with customer productivity in mind? And just how will we continue to define ‘customer productivity’?

Hi I’m Robb Hecht, your host and Get Brand Productive coach….let’s explore this new technology driven marketing universe we’re entering into...let’s take the journey together, navigating the future of marketing and see how we can be successfully productive within it - for our brands, for our customers, for our careers. Hey gang - it’s time we Get Brand Productive!

🤹 We’ll explore questions and perspectives on topics like:

Do you have the new skills & more importantly the new mindsets needed to be a modern marketer? What are the new marketing mindsets needed to thrive in a customer productivity focused economy?

🏋️Is your brand truly prepared for the Brand Productivity leap?

⁉️>Are you asking the right questions of your customers?

>Do you yet grasp ‘actionable AI’ and how it can help you & your team?

>Are you leveraging both your humans and your martech machines effectively?

Get Brand Productive will provide you a weekly resource of insights, motivation & tools to keep you ahead of our developing experiential 5G +AI+IOT+AR-driven contextual commerce everywhere economy driven by Amazon, D2C subscription-first models, AI transformation and China trends.

How To Be D2C
>Shopify Partners now offers courses in Partners Academy. Link
>Plan on using Shopify Studios - the full-service media production and development division of the leading multi-channel commerce platform. Link

Contextual Commerce & Amazon
🛍️>Amazon Knows What You Buy ; And, It's Building A Business From It. Link

🇨🇳 China 2030
>China’s Views on the West’s Approach to Innovation. Link

>Do you know Meituan Dianping yet. Link

>China’s Online/Offline Retail Sector. Link

>The Next Silicon Valley. Link

AI in Action
🇫🇮>As part of Finland’s new national AI strategy, the University of Helsinki Finland launches a course called Elements of AI. Link

>CEO’s agree, AI is driving digital next breakthroughs. Link

>How surveillance capitalism enriches its leaders and makes consumers its pawns. Link

🆓>Why is our AI revolution built on free data, rather than good data? Link

>Nine essentials for enabling an AI ready business. Link

🤔 >Do you really need AI? Here’s how to decide. Link

🌁>How companies use AI to see through the fog of data. Link

>Why emotional intelligence is essential in the age of AI. Link

>4 ways AI can help your marketing. Link

>Why AI needs experts. Link

>AI is your superpower Link

📚Must Read New Books

>Surveillance Capitalism. Are you the product? Link 
>Team Human. (Versus Technology). Have we given too much control to tech, already?Link
>Marketing Rebellion. The Most Human Company Wins. We embrace tech, but it has to be human. Link

End Note
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