Episode #30: Welcome 2021


CMOs: innovate or die, Are you a media-first brand? Focusing on Retention? Learning from China’s social commerce success?

Hello brandh@cker, Robb here hosting Get Customers Productive to help you assess agile marketing growth hacks and tools to optimize your omni-channel customer paths to purchase. I’m here to curate, capture insights, inspire, coach, catalyze dialogues that spark innovative growth solutions, provoke you ⁉️ + motivate YOU to become that creator leader, productive marketing technologist, growth hacker, digital products builder you already know you are. In other words, brandh@cker. Come on in, join our Customer Productivity Workshop Community:

👉READ: The Ad-Based Internet Is About to Collapse. What Comes Next? Why CMOs get fired. Get ready for the post-cookie world. Why WhatsApp Matters. CMOs: Innovate or Die. These two trends will transform product development in 2021. The demise of the cookie remains top challenge for media in 2021. How to build a high-touch brand in a no-touch world. Marketing Meets CX: Brand Building In The Experience Age . Why you should be a media-first company. Do you know how to explain machine learning your manager?. Forrester: CMOs must adjust as agencies shed more than 50K jobs.

📚YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Are you learning from 2020 to prepare for 2021?

👉READ: How DTC Brands Approached Customer Service During the Busiest Shopping Weekend. Clorox's Jackson Jeyanayagam on hiring DTC talent post-pandemic. DTC Brands Can Avoid Pandemic Subscription Churn By Zeroing In On Retention. How 2020 killed the Instagram brand 

📚YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Have you checked out the new gamified startup service called Startly? Have at it, now is the time to start your startup.

👉READ: How the Chinese phone maker conquered India—and outperformed Apple. 6 Chinese Marketing Terms You Should Know. TikTok becomes the next frontier for influencer marketing as Dunkin', Arby's tap the platform. Boost Your Brand By Tapping Into China's Social Commerce Success. Why China’s Millennials Are Targeting These Silicon Valley Brands. How TikTok will play into brands' omnichannel strategies in 2021. 4 Ways Brands Can Enter TikTok. How China is digitally transforming its rural economy.

📚YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Look to Ashley & China to tell you how to set up your new livestreaming eCommerce shop.

👉READ: Can The Subscription Model Fix Healthcare? 3 AI Trends That Will Revolutionize Healthcare. TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Builds Team to Develop Drugs Using AI. Amazon’s new health band is the most invasive tech we’ve ever tested. Is Teladoc Health in Trouble if Amazon Jumps Into Telehealth? Amazon Halo is the most invasive tech we’ve ever tested. 3 AI TrendsThat Will Revolutionise Healthcare

📚YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Ensure you are up on Predictions for AI-powered digital healthcare in 2021

👉READ: What Marketers Should Know Before Building an Amazon Keyword Strategy Why Amazon is failing to sell luxury fashion but Alibaba is succeeding.

📚 YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Figure out Why You Can’t Learn From Amazon

📚 YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Read the book about the rise of TikTok, the world’s most valuable AI company.


👉By 2025, 148 million “jobs of the future” (software development, cloud, AI, privacy, etc.) will be created.


Have a healthy, productive & happy start to 2021! PS. Don’t let your dog eat your homework 📚 🐕

Best, Robb

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