Episode #21: TikTok Algorithm Reveal


✊TikTok algorithm reveal, #BlackLivesMatter Ads, Alibaba’s coming, AliExpress global influencer strategy, New Retail "story-driven e-commerce livestreaming” goes global

Digital transformation and #blacklivesmatter consumer expectations similar?

“It’s no longer a time for simply talking digital transformation [replace with blacklivesmatter]. It is time for action. Your investors, employees, vendor partners —- and, most importantly, your consumers —- not only will expect it, they will demand it. Or they will go elsewhere.”- Jeff Maggs, MediaPost.

👉Resource: Ads by #BlackLivesMatter

👉The future of brand strategy: its time to go electric

👉Every brand is now a challenger brand

👉AI & Blockchain = passive income forever?

👉Deloitte’s latest CMO Survey

Questions for your business strategy: what to do next now that Alibaba’s coming for Amazon, AliExpress is leveraging a worldwide influencer strategy and New Retail is leading the post Covid world brand order

👉Alibaba coming for the US market

👉Why US retailers should follow China’s lead after COVID (think New Retail, online to offline, retailment)

👉WeChat mini-programs upend Gym Memberships in China (pay as you go workouts)

👉What’s your AI transformation story?🤖==>ps. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO agrees with me here

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Individual TikTok recommendations are based on a number of factors including user interactions, such as the videos you like or share, accounts you follow, comments you post, and content you create, captions, sounds, and hashtags, and device and account settings like your language preference, country setting, and device type.

👉TikTok reveals how “For You” video recommendation algorithm works

👉TikTok Creator Marketplace

👉How to learn about managing your money on #LearnOnTikTok

Did D2C subscription eCommerce companies jump at the prospect the mother ship was ailing?

👉How COVID brought Amazon to its knees

👉AliExpress to sponsor 100,000 influencers worldwide

Tien Tzuo says there is a tipping point around the idea of subscriptions as the common currency for the relationship between the consumer, customer in B2B sectors, and the company and its products and services

👉Are we at a Subscription Economy Tipping Point?

👉Will D2C actually change post COVID retail forever?

👉What’s your D2C #brandhacker story?

Tmall is aiming to create a new model of “immersive” and story-driven e-commerce livestreaming that departs from the typical format of a host hawking products directly to an audience. 

👉Commerce content case studies

👉A recent Fast Company piece on the future of shopping noted that the acceleration of e-commerce (which only increased amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic) means “a big opportunity for brands, consumers, and streaming services to reinvent the theater of shopping.”

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