Episode #19: Commerce Content


✊VR/AR is about to explode? eCommerce Everywhere. Gifs go mainstream. TikTok Overtake. Why aren’t you drop-shipping? 2020: Omni-channel transformation

Hope everyone had an excellent Memorial Day Weekend. I am quarantining with my family in Minneapolis. Hope you are all being and staying safe.

*We have some ongoing trends rising in the marketplace which you should note to get your customers productive, namely:

  • Marketing Leadership Today: How can you tell a story with VR? Time to put your strategic VR/AR hats on marketing leaders.

  • Product Design / Commerce Content: Commerce content gets more animated now that Facebook buys Giphy.

  • Amazon Everywhere: Hey drop-shippers, trade barriers, Trump and COVID may make you alter your manufacturing base to Vietnam or India.

  • D2C Strategy: If you’re a struggling D2C leader, make sure to incorporate texting in your customer journey, we’re seeing data that this channel build certain loyalty

  • New Retail & Social Commerce: With Amazon slow to deliver, audiences are turning increasingly to D2C brands

  • AI Competition: Do we all feel comfortable that a foreign AI-first company/app called TikTok has embedded itself into the center of our Americana culture (overtaking Facebook and embracing Disney). Just checking.

  • ChinaTech: Time to put aside the fact that the Communist party of China is hell bent on world domination through AI, let’s learn from and appreciate the (non surveillance) consumer tech innovations coming out of Shanghai

👉READ>>AR/VR Technologies Fuel Quiet Revolution in Shopping. CMO Role Not Dead, Just Evolving.

👉READ>>Posts is a new image-based browsing experience on Amazon. TikTok is coming after Snapchat with a new augmented reality ad format. Facebook buys Giphy.

👉READ>>What The Amazon Subscription Model Can Show Entrepreneurs. How to Maximize Amazon Advertising Performance With AI-Driven Keyword Harvesting. It’s bullshit’: Inside the weird, get-rich-quick world of drop-shipping.

👉READ>>The manufacturers playbook for shifting to D2C. Major trends in D2C. Survival of the fittest for D2C models. How to run & grow a subscription service. D2C Playbook: Direct-to-Consumer Strategies for Established Brands. DTC personal care brands seize on customers' changing habits. Texting your customers builds loyalty.

👉What’s your D2C brandhacker story?

👉READ>> 4 reasons why eCommerce subscriptions are growing. Advertisers must quickly work out post-coronavirus e-commerce strategies. In a time of quarantine, many e-commerce customers are choosing independent retailers over marketplaces such as Amazon.

🛒 Need a bespoke/full strategy on Amazon? Hit reply and let me know.

👉READ >> Twitter is playing catchup against Facebook and Google. GroupM: Instagram Has The Potential To Be A Full Funnel Commerce Platform. This is how the TikTok algorithm works. TikTok : A Consumer AI Success Story. Facebook, Google and Snap have found their knight in shining armor as ad spending craters.

👉What’s your AI transformation story?🤖==>ps. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO agrees with me here

👉READ>>China pushes nationwide buildout of new ‘big data’ centers to speed up digital transformation of industries. Experiential Marketing Mechanics: Turning Customers into KOC. Where to promote your brand in China besides WeChat.

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